Bhutan: The Land of the Thunder Dragon

I have put off writing this blog simply because I feared I could never find adequate words to describe such a wondrous place. Bhutan is a veritable Shangrila, a paradise largely untouched by the outside world, a place where tourists were forbidden from visiting until the 1960's, a place where the internet and television have only emerged in the last twenty years. This is a place where dragons do exist, where cigarettes are banned and where Grandma's house is protected by gigantic murals of ornamental penises. Bhutan is where dreams and reality reside in harmony. 

Although Bhutan has opened its doors to tourism in the past fifty years, one can only fly in from a few surrounding cities with Delhi, Kathmandu, Singapore and Bangkok being the main departure points. Moreover, once you arrive, expect to pay $250 USD per person per day in order to enjoy one of the most isolated and beautiful places on planet earth. This fee, however, covers hotel, food, and tour guide and in my opini…

A Winter In Europe Part II: Denmark, Germany, & the Netherlands


Situated in the eastern Jutland region of Denmark, Horsens is the home to our very good friends Peter, Sarah, Logan, and one of Pea's BFF's, Liva. Horsens dates back to about the 10th century and is now a center for graphics and electronics companies. It is considerably less expensive than the major city centers of Denmark which is why many Danes live here and commute to other regions of Denmark. It's a lovely town and we love coming here.

We have traded visits abroad for the last six years and have a had a helluva time together in six different countries. We sure love our Danish fam.

Sara's dad, Frank (right), and Dre's dad, Gerard (left), were friends in the Navy. This friendship led to future friendships between their families that would span generations.

Penelope and Liva, the respective granddaughters of the old Navy sailors, do not speak the same language, but after a week together, they start to understand each other again! T…